The Case of the Rotten Paella

I’ve been a bit lazy with my blog recently. So rather than do a retrospective of my last few projects, I’m gonna fast forward straight to present day. I’m currently working at Greenpeace, which has got to be the mothership of creative campaigning in the NGO world. I’m learning lots, sharing lots and loving being here. Here’s the first animation that I’ve produced (with Navarone) as part of a new campaign aimed at making Europe’s fisheries more sustainable.

And if you have a bit more time, here’s the blog and petition

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NHS-For Sale. Contact Agents: Cameron, Clegg and Lansley

I’ve been at UNISON for the last month, freelancing on some of the cuts campaign work. This week, I’ve been working on the NHS Day of Action, which happened to fall on April 1st. We held a stunt a St Thomas’ Hospital opposite Westminster, with a giant Foxtons-esque For Sale sign, with estate agents Cameron, Clegg and Lansley on hand, giving out property brochures. Here’s the video I made of the sales brochure.

Also link to the release and photos of stunt:

And some coverage in a lead article in the Guardian, it also got some good broadcast coverage

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Robin Hood Tax Global Day 17 Feb

For the first couple of months of this year, I worked for the TUC and Oxfam, project managing a global day of action for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. It was a really brilliant project to work on and by 17 Feb, we got over 25 countries, participating – doing media stunts and visiting British, French and German embassies across the world. Here’s the video I made about it. I also produced french and spanish versions, which are also on YouTube and other organisations’ websites.

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I want to ride my bicycle

Here’s the final version:

I made this promo video a couple of weeks ago about the latest electric bikes. Spencer Ivy who are featured in the video loved it and want to use in their marketing. Unfortunately I’m gonna have to take off Queen’s classic Bicycle Race for the next cut, which is gonna feel like letting the air out of its tires. l’ll post the next version soon.

This was filmed on my new JVC GY-HM100 btw – It’s one of the new compact, semi-pro hard drive cameras. So there’s no faffing around with tapes, it records straight into imovie files, which goes directly onto final cut. Amazingly simple, I love it.

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Latest projects

In October, I managed a stunt held outside a Shipping and Aviation conference. Oxfam was calling on delegates to raise money for poor countries dealing with climate change. We themed the protest on shipping and lifesavers. What better way to illustrate lifesaver than by spoofing Baywatch. David Hasslehoff eat your heart out.

I came up with the idea of recreating the famous photos of construction workers having lunch from a skyscraper in New York with pregnant women to highlight the fact that 1000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth everyday in developing countries. The aim was to gain press coverage for Oxfam ahead of an important Millenium Development Goals Summit taking place in New York. We got lots of coverage including photo of the week in both the Metro and the British Medical Journal!
Here’s the video about the shoot:

Oxfam pregnant women recreate classic new york photo

Back in summer 2010 I managed the creation of this multi-media game for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. The game produced masses of video and social media content, which gain media coverage and had an impact on local policy maker. Here’s the film about it: it::

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Let the show begin.

Hi I’m Hayley. Welcome to my new blog, Silver Piper. I wanted a space to showcase some of the great campaign projects I’ve worked on over the last few months. It’s also a way for me to share the campaign and innovation stuff that I’m interested in. I’d love to hear about any creative campaign you’ve seen or worked on.

I’m a communications and campaigns consultant, working with non-for-profits and sustainability organisations. I can help with strategy and ideas generation, as well as project manager the delivery. My specialism is developing innovative events and activities which engage the public, the media and get politicians interested. Check out my recent project page. I also love producing promo videos and virals.

Please contact me:

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